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About Us

"No borders, just horizons - only freedom." - Amelia Earhart

Blue Horizon is a luxury travel agency, specializing in planning bespoke yacht trips and cruises for VIP clientele. We will plan your vacation to the very last detail, making every arrangement and reservation to guarantee a perfect experience. Amelia Earhart once said, "No borders, just horizons - only freedom." At Blue Horizon, we take these words to heart, and help our clients pursue the freedom of their dreams by spreading their horizons to the sea.


Established and headquartered in Malta with an additional branch in Vienna, Blue Horizon works with clients around the world who are looking to travel The Seven Seas and its outlying bays and rivers in absolute luxury. We own and operate a fleet of yachts stationed at various ports in the Mediterranean, and also have access to thousands more boats around the world, so that we can accommodate any location or requirement you're looking for.

From exclusive islands to magnificent beaches, some of the world's greatest treasures are only accessible by water travel - and we'll help you discover them in style. Blue Horizon can arrange day-trips by speedboat or sailboat from a particular destinanation, or plan full city-to-city vacations via private cruise or yacht charter.

We can also arrange necessary flights and accommodations on land, as well as an itinerary of attractions, to make your moments off the boat as magical as your time at sea.
Blue Horizon works with each of its clients to plan a customized trip according to their interests.

How you spend your time onboard, which ports you call on, what amenities you prefer, culinary requests - every detail of your vacation can be personalized and optimized, allowing you to fully enjoy your comfortable and luxurious holiday.

At Blue Horizon, we work hard to provide our guests with a holiday they'll never forget, and we have a phenomenal team in place to help that happen.
That includes professional yacht crews, shoreside support teams, and a network of renowned hospitality partners around the world who work with us to make sure every request or detail is accounted for.

Behind the adventurous spirit of Blue Horizon stands a passionate and young, but very experienced team:
John R. - C.E.O
Tomas R. - C.F.O
Lina W. - Marketing
Peter B. - Development
Max V. - Logistics

We are energetic, dedicated and we are here to plan and create your next dream vacation.


Blue Horizon plans and operates luxury sea holidays for clients around the world. When you plan a trip with Blue Horizon, you know that every element of your holiday will be planned to perfection.

Every vacation we organize starts with a detailed conversation with the client to understand their preferences, timeline, and needs.

From there we can help customize every detail of your trip to precision.

Some of the many services and trip types we can provide include:

Yacht rentals and chartering

Port of call accommodations, attractions, and transportation

Day or evening cruises

Sea transfers

Island tours

Speedboat or sailboat rental

Catamaran cruises

Water sports and activities

Yacht rentals and chartering

Social events and parties

Family activities

Fishing trips

World-class onboard catering

Private air travel or commercial air booking

Private security

Immigration and visa assistance


In addition to our own Mediterranean based fleet, Blue Horizon works with charters around the globe to accommodate cruises and vacations along the most beautiful waterways in the world.

Some of the most popular destinations for sea holidays include:

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